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Renée Bennett

Management Experts, Inc. has offered customized business services since 1994. Our professionals have over 45 years of combined experience in both business and personal services, specializing in Business Planning & Development, Strategic Planning, Taxation, Accounting, Administration, and Investment Planning.

Renée Bennett, founder of MEI, and her staff continuously strive to assist clients in building wealth, and as a result MEI has grown to handle a variety of clients in size, industry and culture. No matter if you are a small business or a large corporation with millions in annual sales and hundreds of employees, MEI is here for you.

MEI has advised clients on software and systems, site planning, business expansion, financing requirements, capital budgeting, tax planning, tax problem resolution, global expansion, personal financial planning as well as a variety of related business issues. MEI provides Business Analysis in all areas including Trend, Asset, Functional, Organizational Behavior, Strategy, Policy, Structure, Execution, Control Measures, Stakeholders, and Decision-making Alternative Generation and Analysis.

Renée Bennett – CEO and Lead Consultant, Management Experts, Inc.

Renée’s education includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with honors, Magna Cum Laude and a Masters in Business Administration from Webber College of Babson Park, Florida. Upon graduation, Renée was invited to join the College as a part-time Adjunct Instructor for the final class of the Master‘s Program. During this period she assisted Masters Degree seeking students in performing real world consulting jobs through Practicum projects at Webber.

Her professor once said, “Consultants never truly help their clients resolve their problems because that would put them out of a job.” Renée’s response is that her goal “is to solve the current problem so her clients will grow and with growth come new problems to be solved.” Renée’s objective is to help her clients grow.

Renée Bennett has a combined 27 years experience in strategic planning, administration, accounting, finance, marketing, and tax. As Lead Consultant for MEI Renée has many opportunities to expand her knowledge in a variety of industries because her clients come from a vast array of backgrounds. And as an advocate of Community Service she is exposed to even more problem solving situations. She has been involved in many charitable and professional organizations:

  • Rotary International – Avon Park Breakfast Club President, Treasurer
  • Leadership Highlands Graduate
  • Historical Society of Avon Park, President, Treasurer
  • Economic Development Commission, Director
  • Chamber of Commerce, Director & Advisor
  • Central Florida Development Council Liaison
  • Cultural Diversity Development Council, Director
  • Community Redevelopment Task Force
  • Main Street Association Officer
  • Band Parents Association Officer
  • Educational Aid Volunteer
  • Highlands County Citrus Growers Association Member










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